Track Premiere: Death Wolf “The Sword”

November 11, 2019

Sweden-based death rockers Death Wolf, featuring Marduk members, unleash new song “The Sword.”

LIVE REVIEW: Marduk and Immolation – Underworld, London

October 1, 2012

The concept of faith might be diametrically opposed to Marduk’s pitch-black worldview but the Swedish fundamentalists are worthy of yours. Of all the Second Wave black metal bands who still consider their iconoclastic craft a full-time concern, Marduk are the ones who always deliver. They could be accused of lacking a sense of adventure when…

Interview: MARDUK’s Morgan “Evil” Håkansson on “Serpent Sermon” and jogging to black metal

July 23, 2012

Twelve albums in on a 22-year-old career and Swedish black metallers Marduk can still be relied upon 100 per cent to stick to the program and deliver a typically iconoclastic tour de force, touching upon all the genre essentials, anti-hymns to send toes curling in the Vatican and throughout Christendom. Serpent Sermon is pound for…

Into the Depths: Marduk’s Morgan Håkansson

June 12, 2012

Today, in honor of the recent release of the sublimely malevolent Serpent Sermon, Decibel presents an in depth interview with Marduk founding guitarist Morgan Håkansson delving into his roots as a musician as well as the past, present, and future of his much-revered black metal war machine. Last month Christ Dick streamed “Souls for Belial.”…

STREAMING: Marduk “Souls for Belial”

April 17, 2012

Unless you live in Sweden and can subscribe to Sweden Rock Magazine for less than $132.77 per year (that’s the rate to America), chances of owning a physical CD slice of Marduk’s new “Souls for Belial” single are slim at best — pretty much up to eBay and/or those of you lucky enough to have…