STREAMING: Marduk “Souls for Belial”

Unless you live in Sweden and can subscribe to Sweden Rock Magazine for less than $132.77 per year (that’s the rate to America), chances of owning a physical CD slice of Marduk’s new “Souls for Belial” single are slim at best — pretty much up to eBay and/or those of you lucky enough to have a kinder-than-kind Swedish penpal — ’cause the only way to get it is to be a subscriber. Bummer, it looks kind of cool in that sleeve deal.

Well, don’t fret fellow followers of true Swedish black metal. Yeah, the group’s issuing it as a limited 7″ (1000 copies) for vinyl devotees, but details at the moment are sketchy. Just an ominous “coming soon”. So, we decided to sacrifice a goat, re-read the Enuma Elish, send a life-threatening email to Century Media’s PR department, and invoke the dark digital gods to present a streaming version of the soot-caked, Satan-belched “Souls for Belial”.

Right, the only true way to appreciate Marduk is to take your shirt off, light a few candles, turn up your puny computer speakers, and tell mom the next five minutes are “chore less”. Marduk’s here. And they’re not happy. We want you to revel in that ’cause we did.

** Marduk’s Serpent Sermon is out June 5, 2012 on Century Media Records. The fierce Swedish foursome are also on tour in nascent age of summer (aka June) throughout North America. Click HERE for dates.