Forgotten Tomb

Top 5 Records of 2017 That Tied For #41

December 19, 2017

The biggest problem with our Top 40 Albums of 2017 is that it’s hard to fit 45 albums onto that list. Let’s expand our horizons with Black Anvil, Vallenfyre, Forgotten Tomb, Grave Pleasures and Suffering Hour.

Ferdinando ‘Herr Morbid’ Marchisio (Forgotten Tomb) interviewed

June 8, 2015

Italy’s Forgotten Tomb may’ve helped spearhead depressive black metal, but they’ve moved on from the group’s early monochromatic, manic styling to emerge as a mature, self-aware black metal act with influences ranging from Burzum to Pitch Shifter to Eyehategod. Forgotten Tomb’s new album, Hurt Yourself and the Ones You Love, is massively heavy, penetratingly introspective, and, yes, pitch black dark. From its lyrics (read Ferdinando ‘Herr Morbid’ Marchisio’s response below), its stark cover, to its cross-over black, Hurt Yourself and the Ones You Love is Forgotten Tomb’s best work yet.