Track Premiere: Death Wolf “The Sword”

Death Wolf

Formerly known as Devils Whorehouse, Death Wolf is not a new act but rather a veteran squad, featuring members of Marduk and, of course, Devils Whorehouse, with four albums under their respective bullet belts, the latest of which is new belter IV: Come The Dark (Blooddawn / Regain). A good five years in the making, Death Wolf’s new album isn’t so much a tribute to Samhain/Misfits, but rather a multi-genre ambition to scrape the dirtiest corners of metal, punk, goth, and rock. If biker bars didn’t suck on the proverbial teat of AC/DC and Foghat, Death Wolf would be their road-weary soundtrack to Bud Lite, cheap whiskey, leather jackets, and bad teeth.

Says bassist Morgan Håkansson on the origin of the Death Wolf name: “It’s a happening that just came natural during the process of the recording of the album. We just came to a point when the upcoming album title became the band name. We all feel the name better represents the power and vision of our music and lyrics. So we just shapeshifted and became Death Wolf and began the new lycanthropic march…”

Indeed, Death Wolf’s primary inspiration was Danzig’s early repertoire, but over time the Swedes pulled away from Glenn Allen Anzalone’s evil blues. To wit, Death Wolf’s new album, IV: Come The Dark, is a malignant brew of the ugliest sub-genres of rock and rock itself. Lead-off track, “With Hate,” feels like a greasy but powerful engine, one the belches black smoke and spits infernal fire. For the track Death Wolf, Blooddawn, and Decibel are going to premiere, it’s “The Sword,” a catchy tune for late-night cemetery shenanigans and stealing cheap liquor (and porno mags) from the corner store.

Ride with Death Wolf! Raise “The Sword!”

** Death Wolf’s new album, IV: Come The Dark, is out December 10th on Blooddawn Productions. The rocking switchblade will be available on LP, CD, and cassette. Pre-orders are live (undead) now. Click HERE.