VIDEO PREMIERE: Borknagar “The Earthling”

Lately, I’ve presented a few Borknagar gems that may make it seem like I’m partial to the Norwegian pagan/progressive/black-inspired metallers. I am, actually. OK, full disclosure: Borknagar’s been ruling my seven seas from the time when the then-unknown supergroup issued its debut album, Borknagar, and lead Borker Øystein G. Brun were penpals of sorts. The fact that both of us are still sailing masts-up after this long is a minor miracle, but that’s neither here nor there.
The first glimpse into a re-generated Borknagar was the premiere (not even worldwide) of new song, “Roots”. Classic Bork, with dual frontmen Vintersorg and Vortex opining heavily about the sorry state of Yggdrasil. That’s one way to hear it, anyway. The second treat was a digital fireside chat (think somewhere between the woods of Bergen and Schuylkill River, if you want to get picturesque) with Brun, wherein I try to pry detailed information about Urd—Borknagar’s new album—and deep philosophical stuff that’s already been answered by, at least, Scooby-Doo. Or was it Comte?

It appears the final Borknagar deluge arrives as a moving pictures-type gift. The premiere (yes, worldwide, even though it’s on YouTube) of “The Earthling” video. So, sit back, wish you were in Norwegian wood, and think not of this when Brun’s running afraid through a copse of spruce.

** Borknagar’s new album, Urd, is out now on Century Media Records. Order it HERE and get a free Viking drinking helmet. Actually, no, you won’t. You’ll just get killer music with a deep message. Or massage, depending on how you use the CD.