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PREVIEW: Wolfheart “Fire & Ice” [Decibel Flexi Series]

September 21, 2015

Decibel is proud to announce the trailer to Wolfheart’s “Fire & Ice” for the upcoming Decibel Flexi Series. This amazing track of melancholic death will be the insert (on snow white and ice blue plastic!) to our December 2015 issue, which may or may not feature more than one Finnish band on its cover or in its inside pages.

Exclusive Flexi Premiere: Jungle Rot “Speed Freak”

September 16, 2015

The Wisconsin death metallers make their Flexi Series debut with “Speed Freak,” a cover of the 1988 Hallows Eve classic. 

More Iron Maiden From Decibel

September 4, 2015

Up the irons! Heavy metal institution Iron Maiden are bestowing their 16th album, The Book of Souls, to the masses today, and Decibel is primed to celebrate with the legends’ fourth cover story in the November issue.

Act fast and get five BONUS flexi discs from DECIBEL

August 21, 2015

It’s been an extremely extreme summer, and your friends at Decibel are rewarding you with a five-flexi discount! Subscribe now and, in addition to your 12 or 24 monthly flexi-containing issues of Decibel, we’ll send you the following standalone flexis FREE:

Flexi Premiere: My Dying Bride “Hollow Cathedra”

August 19, 2015

Misery loves company, so October’s Decibel lays out the welcome mat for some big name first-time cover stars: legendary U.K. death/doom powerhouse My Dying Bride.

My Dying Bride Share the Misery in Decibel Flexi Series

July 30, 2015

Not every magazine can make a special request for an original song from a legendary band. But Decibel did just that, and gothic death/doom institution My Dying Bride graciously lent their considerable talents to our Flexi Series.

Stream Cattle Decapitation’s New Flexi Disc “Cannibalistic Invasivorism”

June 19, 2015

 Today we bring you not only a stream of this bad boy, but some helpful exposition courtesy of frontman Travis Ryan.

Decibel Coming Attractions: What’s Next HOF and Flexi-Wise?

June 12, 2015

You’ll have no choice but to plop down next to ye olde external A/C unit and scour Decibel all summer. Luckily, we have a shitload of killer exclusive content on the horizon, specifically for the Hall of Fame and Flexi Series.

Cattle Decapitation Cannibalize Decibel Flexi Series

June 5, 2015

One of Cannibal Corpse’s more infamous albums is Eaten Back to Life. The theme of Cattle Decapitation‘s Flexi Series debut, “Cannibalistic Invasivorism,” might as well be “eaten back to death.”

Cattle Decapitation to Make Flexi Series Debut in August Decibel

May 27, 2015

The Decibel Flexi Series offers the first taste of new Cattle Decap deathgrind in the form of “Cannibalistic Invasivorism.”

Get Free LEVIATHAN Vinyl by Subscribing to DECIBEL

February 27, 2015

We’re your friend! We’re not one of them! Want proof? The latest installment in the Decibel Flexi Series is controversial March cover star Leviathan tackling Black Flag’s legendary “My War.” See? As always, we have your best, most demented interests at heart. The one-man U.S. black metal trailblazer known as Leviathan (a.k.a. Jef Whitehead) has struck…

SPOILING OUR READERS: Iron Reagan’s “Spoiled Identity” EP

January 30, 2015

Last June, we gave out a free Iron Reagan flexi disc to our subscribers, because we’re awesome like that. Still, that was free, and booze and drumsticks aren’t, so A389 have figured out a reason to charge you for it! It’s totally worth your hard-earned cash, though. Not only do you get two bonus tracks…

Get Free Pallbearer Vinyl by Subscribing to Decibel

January 29, 2015

They’re too young for Hall of Fame consideration, but that’s probably the only honor Decibel hasn’t already bestowed upon Pallbearer. Both of their full-lengths have appeared in the top five of our year-end Top 40 list (Foundations of Burden being our favorite extreme album of 2014); they’ve graced the cover; they scored two slots in…

Get a Free Orange Goblin Flexi by Subscribing to Decibel

January 2, 2015

Over the last 20 years, Orange Goblin have established themselves as a pillar of the international stoner/doom order. Last year’s epic full-length, Back From the Abyss, was the latest permutation in the always-evolving U.K. quartet’s unimpeachable discography, and if you (understandably) want more, we’ve got it, via the Flexi Series. Ben Ward and crew bash…

Deluxe Edition Flexi Collector’s Box: Now in Stock!

December 18, 2014

In December of 2010, Decibel brought flexi back. Four years later, the obscure-yet-awesome medium is obviously here to stay. Our vaunted Flexi Series is going to be a whopping 50 deep as of the February 2015 issue, and there’s no better place to store and preserve these highly collectible, exclusive items than the Deluxe Edition…


November 14, 2014

Holiday shopping is the worst. If you’re buying for a non-metalhead, that is. Luckily, we don’t associate with those kinds of jerks! So, if you or a loved one are an avid collector of our rare, exclusive and esteemed Flexi Series, we’ve got just the thing to put the grin in your Grinch: the brand…

Midnight flexi disc of Venom cover now available!

July 18, 2014

Cleveland’s finest hooded hellions Midnight get lead review honors in September’s Decibel for their ripping sophomore full-length No Mercy for Mayhem. But that’s not the only honor the issue bestows upon Athenar and crew conjuring the earliest days of black metal majesty. Midnight make their Flexi Series debut with a full-throttle take on longtime influence Venom’s…

Get TWO free FLEXIS in the next DECIBEL!

January 31, 2014

Due to an equipment failure at our flexi disc printer, we were unable to include a flexi in the March issue of Decibel. Since we never leave our loyal subscribers in the lurch, you’ll be chuffed to find not one, but two flexis in the April issue! Fire up those turntables, as Decibel Magazine Tour…

Subscribe to Decibel for an exclusive GODFLESH flexi disc

August 30, 2013

Let’s just cut to the chase, people: Godflesh are back, and we’re bringing you their first new recording in 12 years! Justin Broadrick’s seminal progressive industrial outfit has chosen the Decibel Flexi Series to relaunch. And they do so in a big way with a corrosive, crushing cover of Slaughter’s “F.O.D. (Fuck of Death).” Don’t…

Subscribe to Decibel for the exclusive CARCASS flexi disc

August 2, 2013

Carcass are back, and like John McClane, they’ve returned with a vengeance. The forthcoming Surgical Steel is the death metal icons’ first album of new material in 17 years; we delivered a glowing 9 out of 10 first-look lead review in the September issue, but that’s just one of many exclusive tools of the trade…

Exclusive Dark Tranquillity Flexi Disc Now Available!

June 14, 2013

Swedish melodeath titans Dark Tranquillity make their Decibel Flexi Series debut via exclusive new track “Sorrow’s Architect.” Find the bloody Scandinavian thunder reigning in sliver on green wax in the webstore right now. But act fast, as supplies are extremely limited!

Decibel’s Jeff Hanneman Tribute Issue Now Available

May 17, 2013

It’s impossible to be hyperbolic about the legacy of Jeff Hanneman. Our own Justin Norton comes right out and says it in this month’s cover story: “Every band ever featured in this magazine owes [Slayer] something.” Hanneman and Slayer have coursed through Decibel‘s lifesblood from the onset, from two Hall of Fames to two exhaustive…

Listen to Pig Destroyer’s Flexi From the 100th Issue Show

May 1, 2013

If you didn’t make it out to Philly for our much-ballyhooed (BALLYHOOED, I TELL YOU) 100th Issue Show, you didn’t get a free, limited-edition flexi from that evening’s penultimate performers, the mighty Pig Destroyer. Silver lining: It’s now streaming right here for your listening pleasure. See, even though you were too cheap and lame to…

Exclusive Cannibal Corpse Flexi Disc Now Available!

April 23, 2013

They’re three-time cover stars. They’re Hall of Fame inductees for Tomb of the Mutilated. They’re headlining our second annual Decibel Magazine Tour. It’s safe to say we have an, um, uncharacteristically sharp affection for Cannibal Corpse. So, what better time for the living death metal legends to commandeer our Flexi Series than our special dB…

Exclusive New EXHUMED Flexi Disc Now Available!

March 28, 2013

It took them eight years to follow up 2003’s pulverizing Anatomy Is Destiny, but San Jose death metal degenerates Exhumed proved that gore metal is eternal on the brilliantly-titled All Guts, No Glory, which we recognized as the 13th best extreme album of 2011. The depravity rages on, as the quartet delivers their latest slice…

Limited Edition LOCK UP Flexi Disc Available

February 22, 2013

We last heard from grindcore supergroup Lock Up in the summer of 2011, when they finally delivered long-awaited third album Necropolis Transparent. Since it might take Shane Embury (Napalm Death), Nick Barker (ex-Cradle of Filth), Tomas Lindberg (At the Gates) and Anton Reisenegger (Pentagram) another nine years for a proper follow-up, we figured it’d be…

Exclusive New CATHEDRAL Flexi Disc Now Available!

February 4, 2013

Coventry’s mighty Cathedral are retiring in style this spring, following the release of swansong The Last Spire. And your friends at Decibel have the first new music from Lee Dorrian’s doom institution in nearly three years, debuting via our Flexi Series! It’s unclear if “Vengeance of the Blind Dead” is a nod to the cult…

Subscribe to Decibel, get the new Cathedral flexi disc

January 4, 2013

Coventry’s mighty Cathedral are retiring in style this spring, following the release of swansong The Last Spire. And your friends at Decibel have the first new music from Lee Dorrian’s doom institution in nearly three years, debuting via our Flexi Series! It’s unclear if “Vengeance of the Blind Dead” is a nod to the cult…

Limited Edition EVOKEN Flexi Disc Available

December 14, 2012

Ever wonder what Jersey extreme doom crew Evoken covering death/doom progenitors Paradise Lost might sound like? We did! So, we asked them to rework the old-school PL classic “Rotting Misery” for our vaunted flexi series. The stunning results can be heard below and—for a limited time—ordered via our webstore here.

Subcribe to Decibel, Get the Evoken Flexi Disc

December 3, 2012

If you know Decibel, you know we hold chameleonic U.K. doomsayers Paradise Lost in the highest regard. So, it’s an extremely extreme honor that Garden State funeral doom heroes Evoken are taking their maiden voyage in the Decibel Flexi Series by covering PL’s crushing “Rotting Misery,” which initially appeared on their 1990 debut, Lost Paradise….