Hear Exclusive New Napalm Death Song “Nurse the Hunger” Via Decibel Flexi Series

Napalm Death’s bassist Shane Embury celebrated his 50th birthday yesterday, but Decibel keeps the party raging with the premiere of the legendary extreme metal band’s latest contribution to the Decibel Flexi Series. “Nurse the Hunger,” written by guitarist Mitch Harris, was recorded back in 2014, but remained shelved until we pressed it onto bendy vinyl. The ONLY way you can acquire one of these rarities is by grabbing a copy of Decibel’s Special Collector’s Edition Napalm Death Issue. Note this is one-time pressing and there are fewer than 1,000 copies left in stock. So, if you want to complete your Napalm discography, you’d better move faster than a Danny Herrera blast beat. Get it!