revelation records

Album Review: DARE – ‘Against All Odds’

August 18, 2021

DARE deserve to be spoken of in the same breath as Rotting Out, Mizery, Incendiary and others at the vanguard of hardcore.

Track Premiere: Drain — “Hyper Vigilance”

March 9, 2020

Get ready to circle(pit) the Drain or be washed out with the rest of the poseurs.

Warzone Debut LP Reissue of Classic NYC Hardcore On the Way

July 25, 2016

Revelation Records announce reissue of legendary Warzone debut LP this September. 

Primal Rite Sign with Revelation Records, Announce New Releases, Then Punch You in the Throat

July 14, 2016

But it’s a good punch to the throat though, like sort of you-need-to-listen-to-this-now, and you-will-be-angry-immediately-in-a-good-way, sort of thing. 

Youth of Yesterday

September 6, 2011

Via Revelation Records comes this priceless video of Porcell of Youth of Today/Shelter/Judge fame being called a psychotic by Pat Sajack back in ’89.