Youth of Yesterday

Via Revelation Records comes this priceless video of Porcell of Youth of Today/Shelter/Judge fame being called a psychotic by Pat Sajack back in ’89. In an old school sleeveless BOLD shirt and throttling the Youth Crew dude next to him, no less:

Who would’ve thought back then that Youth of Today would still be playing “The Flame Still Burns” in 2011?

And I will continue to sing this song…

Lord, Ray of Today wasn’t kidding!

On a semi-related note, not to pick on Anthrax’ second-most-recent-ex on the eve of the East Coast Big 4 show, but churning out posi-core fairly screams “aging gracefully” when compared to singing “Sweet Caroline” at the Doll Factory before a roller derby meet, no?:

I suppose the real question here might be: Is this guy fucking with Bush when he wraps up the interview by saying, “Find this guy. If anything, if you need somebody to do your national anthem at your junior high, give him a call”? That’s about the point where Bush could’ve made this video a whole lot more interesting by giving this guy a taste of the ‘ol Armored Saint… Also, note to my wife: For my birthday I want John Bush to sing a set of Neil Diamond covers in our living room. Please.

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