Primal Rite Sign with Revelation Records, Announce New Releases, Then Punch You in the Throat

Revelation Records is a staunch defender of the fist-to-the-teeth sort of hardcore punk that you need more of in your life. But we know that you already know that. What’s news here is the California label announced the signing of Primal Rite, a raging San Fran five-piece formed of equal parts Japanese/Scandinavian hardcore punk, Ringworm-ridden Clevo metallic hardcore and authentically thrashing crossover.

Primal Rite currently has a single 7-inch for you to forcibly deliver to your ear drums (stream below), but Revelation announced big plans for upcoming punk violence: a second 7-inch, which was self-record; an October EP (out on vinyl via Grave Mistake and cassette via Pop wig); and a December recording of a full-length with Jack Shirley (Deafheaven, Loma Prieta).

Now before clicking that play button on this two-track rager, be ready for a whirlwind of destruction that may get you fired from your day job (they should’ve given you a raise months ago), but also sounds oddly like a more incendiary version of a particular YES song… something about a heart… or being lonely or something? Whatever. Rage below.

Keep up with Primal Rite via Twitter, and Revelation Records via their homepage, Facebook, or Twitter.