Track Premiere: Drain — “Hyper Vigilance”

With its soul-stirringly killer debut full-length California Cursed rising crossover levelers Drain are set to hit the west coast hardcore punk scene — and, indeed, the various global heavy music sects at large — like a set of fully-charged, exceedingly-welcome defibrillator pads.

As vocalist Sam Ciaramitaro will tell you, however, the Santa Cruz quartet began its existence with “no intentions, no connections, and no expectations.”

The modest goals, in fact, were as follows:

1. “[H]ave wild live shows”

That’s a big ol’ motherfucking check:

2. Write songs strong enough to channel the fury and enlivening energy of the music that buoyed the band members in their own lives — “catchy, full of big riffs…no filler.”

And that, dear readers, is where the exclusive premiere below of the two minute uber-rager “Hyper Vigilance” comes in.

Get ready to circle(pit) the Drain or be washed out with the rest of the poseurs — it’s on!

The Taylor Young-produced California Cursed is out April 10 via Revelation Records. Preorder here. Check out earlier Drain jams at Bandcamp.

Tour dates:
April 3/4 United Blood Fest Richmond, VA
With: Converge, Cold World, Vein, Judiciary + More

April 24-26 Wild Rose Fest Calgary, AB
With: Knocked Loose, Never Ending Game, Regional Justice Center + More