Track Premiere: Hemotoxin “Crystal Mountain” (Death)


California-based progressive death metal outfit Hemotoxin are no strangers to Decibel. In 2020, venerable Decibel scribe hoisted Hemotoxin’s Restructure the Molded Mind album via a stream (HERE). Four years before that, hometown hero James Lewis premiered the full album stream of the band’s second album, Biological Enslavement (HERE). Now, at the very end of 2021, the trio close things out with a killer cover of Death’s crucial “Crystal Mountain,” recorded as a tribute to Chuck Schuldiner who passed 20 years ago.

Say Hemotoxin: “We wanted to pay tribute to the late Chuck Schuldiner and Death with a cover of the track “Crystal Mountain.” Death’s music has always been a main influence on our music dating back to when we were in high school, “Crystal Mountain” was always one of those songs we would cover for fun, so after over a decade of performing the song live we decided to record our take on the track to express how influential Chuck’s music been to us. This year marks Twenty years since Chuck’s passing, but his impact on us as a band and music as a whole is still felt today as strong as ever. Rest in Peace Chuck Schuldiner. As for future music from Hemotoxin, we are currently working on our fourth album with Andrew Lee.”

With Symbolic in our minds and Schuldiner in our hearts, we join Hemotoxin in solemn celebration with their cover of “Crystal Mountain.”

“Inside crystal mountain
Evil takes its form
Inside crystal mountain
Commandments are reborn”

** Check out Hemotoxin’s Bandcamp site (HERE) for more progressively awesome death metal and merch.