Full Album Stream: Hemotoxin – ‘Restructure the Molded Mind’

On Restructure the Molded Mind, their third album since forming in 2010, Hemotoxin waste zero seconds in blasting apart the quiet world with off-kilter and out-there death thrash cruelty. More aggressive than progressive, Restructure the Molded Mind still stands out as a highly intelligent predator. The moment you press play, you’ve consented to a death thrash lobotomy. 

Hemotoxin’s guitarist/vocalist Michael Chavez calls the album his band’s “heaviest effort to date.” He adds that Hemotoxin “wrote this album with the intention of hitting listeners harder than we ever have before, with complex songwriting and lyrics laced with vicious truths. It’s our own brand of death/thrash metal, the way we want to hear it, with no regard for heavy metal conventions or traditions.”

Few bands break the mold as interestingly nor as thoroughly as Hemotoxin. We’re privileged to share this full stream of Restructure the Molded Mind with our readers. Out March 16 on CD from Unspeakable Axe Records. 

Restructure the Molded Mind

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