Full Album Stream: Malignant Altar – “Realms of Exquisite Morbidity”

This sound satisfies a very particular musical need.

It’s the need to feel the full weight of darkness upon you, similar to the mood of a great doom metal album. But what if you want that mood combined with the energy, ferocity and chaotic barbarity of death metal? Then you get something like Malignant Altar‘s new album, Realms of Exquisite Morbidity. The Houston outfit’s debut full-length follows in the long tradition of bands devoted to the spirit of Incantation and Immolation, but determined to put their own spin on it.

If you want to enter this world of shadows, demons and apparitions, songs like “Belial Rebirth” and “Rite of Krasue” will take you there. The riffs absolutely destroy, and utilize a good mix of open-tremolo picking and palm-muted crush-fests. The vocals are low and evil, and the rhythms resemble the war march of hell itself.

And thus Decibel is happy to provide this hellish soundtrack in full below. Realms of Exquisite Morbidity comes out on Dark Descent this Friday.