Full EP Stream: Necropanther – “Oblivion Jones”

Denver has produced a veritable fuckton of of great metal over the last couple decades but few artists are as prolific as melodic death metal outfit Necropanther. The highly prolific band has put out at least one release every year since 2016—excluding 2017—and are still finding new ways to push themselves. On their latest EP, Oblivion Jones, Necropanther take their thrashy and slightly-blackened take on melodic death metal and infuse it with saxophone courtesy of Rico Jones, bass solos and a number of other new tricks.

The latest in a series of experimental EPs written by individual members of the band, Oblivion Jones was headed up by guitarist Joe Johnson. EP opener “The Denver School” establishes the album’s concept, the life of fictional Oblivion Jones, a Baltimore painter who finds himself working in Denver when he dies and is resurrected as a replicant. The track also quickly establishes Jones’ presence on the release, which gives each song a jazzy feel at times. It’s immediately followed by the 11-minute “The Transported Man,” which sees Necropanther throw some doom into their cauldron.

Third track “First Friday” signals the part of the EP where Oblivion Jones is resurrected, starting with At the Gates-esque riffs and locking into a saxophone-assisted death metal groove. Oblivion Jones wraps up with the appropriately titled “Thrash Till Death,” which lives up to its name.

Though “The Transported Man” makes Oblivion Jones slightly more than a quick EP, the four tracks fly by. As always, Necropanther’s musicianship is sharp and the band have a lot of energy for what they do, fully committing to Jones’ inclusion on the EP. They’ll self-release Oblivion Jones on Friday, May 3 but you can check it out now.