Something Wicked in the Blood: Stream Hemotoxin’s “Biological Enslavement”

A quick Googling informs that hemotoxins destroy not only red blood cells, but also other tissues. If Wikipedia is to be believed, it can cause hemolysis, mess with blood clotting, and harm organs. And in case you are wondering, hemolysis is not listed as a band on the Metal Archives, so someone should get on that right away.

Now we’re not sure exactly how poisons in the bloodstream relate to the progressive/technical death/thrash of Hemotoxin from Pittsburgh, CA, but it probably has something to do with all the right influences in their metallic DNA. Guitarist/vocalist Michael Chavez reports on the lab work for their upcoming second full-length, which is streaming in full below:

Biological Enslavement is the first true collective effort between all four members of Hemotoxin. The albums themes are a social commentary inspired by the dark side of humanity that goes unseen. We recorded Biological Enslavement in a little over a month from Septemeber 1 – October 15 2015, produced by the band and Scott Fuller. The music is inspired by bands like Epidemic, Slayer, Death, Cynic, Sacrilege BC, Anvil Chorus and Pink Floyd.

Biological Enslavement will be released April 15th on Unspeakable Axe records. Combining the songwriting chops of some of the aforementioned greats (discerning listeners won’t have to look far to find Cynic and Death) with some of the modern studio techniques, Hemotoxin offers something for the old dudes clinging to their ’80s short shorts (don’t lie!) and the smartphone-sewn-to-the-hand generation alike. Pre-orders are available in digital (only $6!), and CD via the Hemotoxin Bandcamp.