Track Premiere: Nightmarer – “Ekstasis”

The suffix “er” creates nouns of agency. For example, the person writing this becomes the writer. With that knowledge, there’s likely not a more appropriate name for Nightmarer, who create nightmares. Their technical prowess only allows them more tools from which to create terrifying cacophony. That they comprise current and former members of Gigan, the Ocean Collective, War From a Harlots Mouth, Conquering Dystopia and Merrow only adds credence to their abilities.

There’s major appeal here to fans of “Ul” bands (Ulcerate, Ulsect), as well as “I” death metal kings (Incantation, Immolation). Basically, it’s filthy enough to be extra terrifying because you can’t see clearly through the grit.

Guitarist Simon Hawemann explains the goal of the seamless EP from which “Ekstasis” comes, Monolith of Corrosion, and how they’ve somehow managed to out-nightmare themselves.

Monolith of Corrosion features three seamlessly transitioning pieces, forged into one mammoth composition spanning 13 minutes of Total Dissonance Worship. ‘Ekstasis’ represents the fastest and most chaotic end of Nightmarer’s spectrum, but don’t let that deceive you—the EP sonically descends all the way into an oppressive crawl of industrialized misery from there.

“The concept for this EP goes all the way back to late 2018. While it didn’t materialize then, we could never let go of it and decided to see it through before the release of our next album in early 2022.”

Now go be a listener.

The Monolith of Corrosion EP comes out August 27 via Total Dissonance Worship. Pre-order on vinyl or cassette via their store in North America or Deathwish Inc’s Europe store. There’s also a brand new shirt, and the EP will naturally be available digitally, too.