The Body

Full of Hell Collaborative Releases, Ranked

November 20, 2023

Revisiting Full of Hell‘s many collaborative releases in preparation for new Nothing collab When No Birds Sang.

Full Album Stream: The Body & Full of Hell

March 23, 2016

That’s a nasty sounding collaboration, you may think — and you would be correct. 

Lee Buford (The Body) Interview

March 1, 2016

Wipe up your drool in time for Thrill Jockey’s March 18th release of No One Deserves Happiness and read what drummer Lee Buford has to say about touring, pop music and working with other bands.

Thou Interviewing The Body and Heat Dust: Tour Video

January 19, 2016

During a recent tour with Thou, The Body and friends Heat Dust, Thou bassist Mitch Wells shot some interview footage and other moments, then cut them together to memorialize the time the bands spent together.

Party Hardly: The Body and Krieg “Celebrate Your Shame”

November 6, 2015

Noise terrorists the Body doing business with USBM mind-benders Krieg.

BODY HORROR, OR, A NIGHTMARE ON THOU STREET: The Body/Thou’s “Beyond the Realms of Dream, That Fleeting Shade Under the Corpus of Vanity”

February 3, 2015

What do you get when you combine two of the ugliest doom bands out there today? Well, it sure ain’t gonna be pretty. For their latest collaboration, You, Whom I Have Always Hated, The Body and Thou make some serious noise and cover Nine Inch Nails. They also made a video (directed by Thou’s Mitch…

Studio Report: The Body

May 28, 2013

The Body’s Lee Buford is a man of few words, but he makes up for it with his band’s sheer amount of recorded output. They’ve hunkered down in Machines with Magnets in Providence, Rhode Island, and they are using their time in the studio to its fullest. “We’re recording three records right now at the…

Scion Rock Fest 2011 – Unannounced Bands, uh Announced!

January 20, 2011

Scion A/V announced the partial line-up for the 2011 Scion Rock Fest. It was ridiculous! But it just got even more ridiculous! So much so, Scion A/V proposed to fly Decibot from his digital hovel to Pomona, CA to witness the awesomeness, but Decibot declined because the new Rev Theory album is imminent. OK, so…