For Those About to Squawk: Year in Review

So… everyone has been putting out their end of year lists, and since the releases are pretty slow this time of year, this bird brain is no exception…

Full of Hell had two amazing releases this year, Trumpeting Ecstasy and Ascending a Mountain Of Heavy Light, a collab with the Body.

EEL from Pittsburgh has released a great LP Night Parade of 100 Demons, think raw Japanese punk mixed with a little grind.


Total ear fuckery from Texas The Grasshopper Lies Heavy kicks some major noise rock ass…


Grind punk from Michigan Cloud Rat hit us HARD with their split with Disrotted.

Old (sorta) east coast scream fuckers Pg.99 re-released their epic Document 5.

Morbid Angel came back in full form with Kingdoms Disdained.

Canadian noise rockers Metz wowed me with Strange Peace.

Underrated Jersey doomsters Sunrot whipped some major ass on Sunnata

2 awesome powerviolence bands, Despise You and Coke Bust released a KILLER split.

Immolation, Atonement was super heavy…

Gross Jersey grinders Pink Mass… wow

Necrot brought the old school death with Blood Offerings

Fucking 2 drummers! Grinders Chepang from Nepal with Dadhelo

Moody, dark and pummeling Paradise Lost smacked us in the face with Medusa

Alright guys, that’s it, until next year that is. Beak on rocking in the free world!

Waldo OUT!