Studio Report: The Body

The Body’s Lee Buford is a man of few words, but he makes up for it with his band’s sheer amount of recorded output. They’ve hunkered down in Machines with Magnets in Providence, Rhode Island, and they are using their time in the studio to its fullest. “We’re recording three records right now at the same time. We started the Thrill Jockey one last Sunday or Monday [May 19 or 20th], and we did most of that stuff. The choir can listen to it and figure out what they want to do, have a couple days to check it out. We’re going to do their overdubs beginning of next week. We’re here technically until [June 6].”

Oh yeah, I forgot to mention – there’s a choir. Their tour mates, the 24 member all-female Assembly of Light choir, will be making an appearance on their first full-length for Thrill Jockey (tentatively due in October). “I’m friends with Chrissy [Wolpert] who does it, so when we’re in Providence, we like to do stuff with them. Plus it sounds awesome.”

The duo of Buford and Chip King are doing pretty much everything else on the album, even down to the producing and engineering. As the whole choir thing implies, the as-yet-untitled record won’t be your typical doom project. “It’s a lot weirder, probably. Pretty weird. Like a lot more overdubs, drum machines and a lot of tape loops and stuff. But it’s in the same vein, I guess, it’s kind of hard to make something not sound like us after this long.”

the body maraca

As for the other two projects, expect more unexpected material. According to Buford, “One of them is more electronic-y, more sampled drums and stuff, and the other is a collaboration with our friend Neill [Jameson] from Krieg.” You can expect those from RVNG and At a Loss recordings, respectively.

Jameson should be providing some vocals for the Thrill Jockey release as well. Other collaborators include Scott Reber of noise project Work/Death and, really, whoever else happens to be around. The Body don’t really plan things out; they just kind of let it happen. So basically, expect something at some point, and expect it to be weird and undoubtedly some of the most punishing music you will ever hear.