Full Album Stream: Moloch – ‘Verwüstung’

Within Moloch’s immense discography are dozens of splits, EPs and compilations. Within that collection also resides a handful of full-length albums showcasing the one-man Ukrainian outfit’s ability to produce cold, hopeless black metal. 

The most recent album is 2014’s Verwüstung, released on a very limited run of CDs through Human to Dust. The album combines ambient synth passages and sections with second wave black metal that slogs away at a mid-tempo pace. Verwüstung went out of print after its release, and has remained that way until now.

Argento Records is slated to release Verwüstung in a remastered vinyl format on February 24. Today, you can hear the updated versions in their entirety through an exclusive stream. Fans of Moloch’s dark ambient synth work will be pleased the addition of “Große Geister Aus Dem Vergessenen Königreich Der Stille,” a formerly unreleased track. Its dark, minimalistic sounds find themselves at home with the older cuts on the album.

Verwüstung comes out February 24. It is available in a limited vinyl run in different variants through Argento and Deathwish