Video Premiere: Carnwennan – ‘III’

If you’re a fan of records that are actually just one long song, then this premiere is for you. Hailing from Albany, New York, sludge/drone quartet Carnwennan have crafted such an album with Lotus, the proper follow up to their demo last year. Divided into four parts titled simply with roman numerals, it’s an album that slowly builds to peaks and dips to valleys. Today, Carnwennan reveal the video for “III,” the third movement on Lotus.

Things start slowly, with depressing, slow chords and equally-paced drumming, with dreary melodies reminiscent of Bell Witch and their ilk. The song picks up in intensity around the halfway mark, with harsh, yell-screamed vocals entering the mix and the music developing a sharper, harder edge. It’s paired nicely with the accompanying video, which uses the beautiful landscape of the northeast to tell a story about captivity.

Lotus is about an age of suffering, broken up into four parts – ‘III’ is about endurance and acceptance, and the video we made is meant to drive that idea home,” explains guitarist and vocalist Jack Jackal. “Working on the video was a blast but was in itself a lesson in endurance and acceptance since we were working on it out in the woods through an unpredictable northeastern winter.”

Dig in to the video below; Lotus is out June 1 on Darkest Records.

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