Track Premiere: VHS – “Quack, Quack”

Decibel has covered gory death metal freaks VHS numerous times now, but the Canadian gore hounds are taking a slightly different approach this time around. Their new album, Deep Gashes And Long Lashes, is a tribute to giallo films from the ’60s, ’70s and ’80s, incorporating synthesizers and creepy melodies into their grisly sound.

Being that the second single, “Quack Quack” is a tribute to director Lucio Fulci, it only made sense for VHS to recruit Fulci vocalist Fiore Stravino to contribute vocals.

“‘Quack, Quack’ was one of the tracks that really helped solidify the direction of the album,” VHS tell Decibel. “It’s one of the tracks on the album that is the most death metal and I think it really nails the giallo-meets-metal vibe we were going for with the album. Being that the track is about the Lucio Fulci-directed sleaze fest The New York Ripper, it only made sense to get Fiore from Fulci to do some guest vocals on the track. We definitely feel a sense of camaraderie with them so it is awesome to finally collaborate with them. He really nailed his vocals. I couldn’t have asked for the track to come our any better.”

Like a true horror freak, Stravino adds, “Glad I threw up on this killer track from the brothers in VHS about the most morbid and violent film by the Godfather of Gore, a milestone of the slasher genre.”

Listen to “Quack, Quack” below. Deep Gashes and Long Lashes is out—when else?—on Halloween via Horror Pain Gore Death.