Track Premiere: Fliege – ‘Man is the Warmest Place to Hide’

Photo: Chris Palermo

Decibel has covered Fliege since their demo days, so we’re pleased to bring you a cut from their upcoming album, One Day They’ll Wonder What Happened Here. A scene-by-scene retelling of John Carpenter’s The Thing, Fliege’s new album is a genre-defying thing, skipping easy categorization in favor of extreme metal takes on ’80s glam, new wave and shred.

On their latest single “Man is the Warmest Place to Hide,” Fliege showcase the best of their ’80s-isms with excellent vocal and guitar performances. Multi-instrumentalist Coleman Bentley explains the song better than we ever could:

“‘Man is the Warmest Place to Hide’ takes its name from the original marketing tagline for John Carpenter’s The Thing, weaving in and out of the film’s kennel scene as the foreboding dread finally boils over into full, tentacle-flailing chaos. Musically, this track showcases two of ODTWWHH‘s big sonic updates. First, black metal is no longer the foundation of our weird little funhouse, but the color of the paint on the walls—mood and texture within an increasingly genre-less sound. Second, we have placed a far greater emphasis on progressive song structures this time out. After establishing a few core motifs, ‘Man is the Warmest Places to Hide’ blasts off into a starfield of downtuned Thin Lizzy-isms, including a dueling guitar coda that will rattle the chandeliers down at the ol’ Hotel California.”

One Day They’ll Wonder What Happened Here is out on November 4, but you can listen to “Man is the Warmest Place to Hide” right now.