Track Premiere: Olkoth – ‘Imperfect Reanimation’

“Imperfect Reanimation” sounds like a great way to lead into the zombie apocalypse, officially making it the most death metal phrase I’m going to type today. It’s the debut track from Olkoth, an American blackened death metal band from South Carolina. The promising feeling grows when viewing the lineup: Nile bassist Brad Parris joins members of Rapheumets Well and Xael.

Olkoth strike with an unchained rage on “Imperfect Reanimation,” employing technicality and brutality with glee. There are obvious similarities to Nile here, but you won’t be regaled with tales of pharaohs and Ancient Egyptian ceremonies. War, corruption and Lovecraftian ideas are the fuel for Olkoth besides, you know, destructive, fast-as-hell death metal with vocals courtesy of every member of the band.

“Our unique blend of styles and approach to writing we believe will be well-received,” guitarist Zach Jeter tells Decibel. “Our goal is to bring a newness and originality that will be a breath of fresh air in the death metal community. We will give the fans a taste of the sheer brutality we incorporate as well as the dynamic changes and atmosphere within our music. With further releases, we will expand on that style and show our unique mix of violent riffs and diverse emotional themes.”

Since this is Olkoth’s first release, there’s no music or album announced yet, but you can find them on Facebook for more info.