Watch: Temnein – ‘White Stained Inferno’

French progressive metallers Temnein have zeroed in the art of making a lot with a little, something they demonstrate on the title track to their most recent album, White Stained Inferno. In addition to a slew of driving, main riffs, Temnein fit in fancy leads, licks and melodies, furious and rhythmic drumming and plenty of vocals. It’s these tendencies that have earned them a spot on tour with melodic death/thrashers The Crown, which kicks off next week in Europe.

To celebrate, they’ve shared the video for “White Stained Inferno,” which you can watch below.

“We chose this song for the last official video of this album‘s cycle because it’s a good representation of the whole album,” the band told Decibel. “Musically, it’s one of the darkest songs but also a very dynamic one. About the lyrics, this title track ‘White Stained Inferno’ synthesizes all the difficulties of facing a rare illness, especially when it’s related to a stay in hospital with an undetermined date of discharge. Concerning the making of the video, it’s been a while that we wanted to do an official video with pro-shoot live captures. This gig supporting Dagoba and Pyogenesis near our home-town last spring was the perfect opportunity!”