Track Premiere: Cathari – ‘Weight’

Philly outfit Cathari have taken on various forms in their existence and new EP It Will Hurt the Entire Time You Are Alive sees them transition again, shifting from doom metal to a searing combination of sludge, noisecore and metallic hardcore. They’re delivering the first taste of the four-track EP in the form of “Weight,” its third song.

Starting off with a tense riff that quickly explodes into a full-band effort, “Weight” starts off at a fast pace and slowly devolves into a combination of discordant guitar and noise, slowing down as vocalist Magdalena Stephens delivers an acerbic rant, ending the song on the repeated line of “I won’t ever make the same mistake with you.” If you’re a fan of bands like Intercourse or Black Sheep Wall, or you just like music that makes you feel bad, there’s plenty to sink your teeth into.

“‘Weight’ is about people who abuse therapy language and community accountability practices to get everyone they know involved their interpersonal dramas and muddy the waters of any real accountability in the process,” Stephens says about the track.

“This is far too prevalent, and it leads to fatigue and unnecessary skepticism when people who have genuine issues come forward and try to ask the community to intervene. It’s the kind of dishonesty that makes everyone less safe and earns you nothing, and it’s a shame people still think it does anything other than make most people never want to speak to you again.”

It Will Hurt the Entire Time You Are Alive is set for self-release on May 24; pre-orders are available on Bandcamp.