Full Album Stream: Vanhelgd – “Deimos Sanktuarium”

October 5, 2018

Swedish sect Vanhelgd summon oppressive, dark death metal with new album Deimos Sanktuarium.

Mattias Frisk (Vanhelgd) interviewed

June 2, 2014

** Death metal record of the year? It might just be Vanhelgd’s new album, Relics of Sulphur Salvation. Featured in DB (June #116), we decided mainman Mattias Frisk had too much to say than we could fit in print. So, we took out the full transcript for ‘heads everywhere. Read on and don’t sleep on…

STREAMING: Vanhelgd “Dödens Maskätna Anlete”

May 2, 2014

A quick look at the track listing to Vanhelgd’s upcoming album, Relics of Sulphur Salvation, and one might surmise lead Helgder Mattias “Flesh” Frisk has a worm fetish. The word ‘maskätna’ translates loosely to ‘wormy’ and the track title “May the Worms Have Mercy on My Flesh” leaves little to the imagination. Turns out it’s…