STREAMING: Vanhelgd “Dödens Maskätna Anlete”

A quick look at the track listing to Vanhelgd’s upcoming album, Relics of Sulphur Salvation, and one might surmise lead Helgder Mattias “Flesh” Frisk has a worm fetish. The word ‘maskätna’ translates loosely to ‘wormy’ and the track title “May the Worms Have Mercy on My Flesh” leaves little to the imagination. Turns out it’s more of a coincidence. There’s no worm theme to Relics of Sulphur Salvation.
Actually, Frisk and his brutal brigade don’t really want you to focus on the lyrics. They’re more interested in how we–the community at large–respond to Vanhelgd’s doomy, dirty, nasty, despondent death. The group were originally influenced by the mighty Autopsy, but more key traits are coming in from Frisk’s impressionable childhood. In fact, here’s the man explaining where Vanhelgd are coming from on Relics of Sulphur Salvation: “We have moved away from the most obvious Autopsy references by now. On Cult of Lazarus Autopsy was the main influence. Paradise Lost had a huge impact on me around 1992 and still has. Other influences on the band are Edge of Sanity and At the Gates.”

Well, metal of deathers see you can spot the Paradise Lost, Edge of Sanity, and At the Gatesisms in “Dödens Maskätna Anlete”.

** Vanhelgd’s new album, Relics of Sulphur Salvation, is out May 27th on 20 Buck Spin in the US. It’ll be available on CD and vinyl through the 20 Buck Spin webstore. Check HERE on May 15th (or thereabouts).