Full Album Stream: Owl – ‘We Are Made for Twilight’

September 5, 2018

Valborg members find gothic doom perfection on the long-awaited third LP by Owl.

Mechanical Ghosts & Bunker Air, A Q&A Valborg’s Christian Kolf

July 3, 2017

There are musical surprises. And then there are musical surprises. Valborg aren’t an easy band to peg. The band from Bonn, Germany have tried the patience of categorization from their inception in 2002. Valborg’s debut album, Glorification of Pain, continues to stupefy, confound, and amaze. That was eight years ago. Since Glorification of Pain, the Germans have made five more stunning, left-of-center albums, the latest of which is the brutal brain scratcher, Endstrand.

Full Album Stream: Valborg – ‘Endstrand’

April 5, 2017

Valborg continue to experiment with their brand of progressive death/doom on their new album, Endstrand. 

ROMANCE IS DEAD: Valborg’s “Comtesse” Track Premiere

April 14, 2015

Despite some unfortunate hairstyle choices, Valborg play a pretty unique style of doom. Going for clean and bright where a lot of bands go for dark and dirty, the German trio has found a path less traveled into this oldest of metal genres. There’s something to be said for aesthetics. You can check out the…