Track Premiere: Labyrinth of Stars – ‘Star Pervertor’

This is one for the weirdos. Labyrinth of Stars—featuring members of Lantlôs and Valborg—is a death metal band that claims to have an otherworldly sound and delivers on it with a flurry of off-kilter extreme metal. Counting members of Lantlôs and Valborg among their ranks, Labyrinth of Stars attack in controlled bursts, setting the atmosphere with unique production and bits of dissonance rather than long interludes or slower passages, like on “Star Pervertor.”

The three-and-a-half minute song pummels the listener from the rip but the song really takes off into its own direction around the halfway point.

“The song is about an overwhelming entity that perverts entire planets only by being in its proximity,” vocalist Transcendent Architect Astralis tells Decibel. “The corrupted inhabitants of the planets worship this entity and increase in infinite greed for everything. They are consuming more and more sick shit like themselves until the only thing that still can give them a kick is the total annihilation of everything.”

Transcendent Architect Astralis and his companions AcidGhost Athereum and Invisible X-Star will release Spectrum Xenomorph on September 30 via Translation Loss (pre-order here) but you can delve into the new track below.

Photo: Jan Buckard