Tom Angelripper

Interview: Sodom’s Tom Angelripper on the “M-16” 20-Year Anniversary Box Set

November 18, 2021

We shoot some questions at Tom Angelripper about Sodom‘s 20-year anniversary box set of the their Vietnam War-themed album, M-16.

Q&A: Sodom’s Tom Angelripper on ‘Decision Day’

September 22, 2016

dB got in touch with Tom Angelripper, bassist and vocalist of thrash heroes Sodomto talk about the legendary band’s new album, Decision Day, and the state of the world today.

New Sodom Tracks “Knarrhenheinz” & “Styptic Parasite” Streaming + Vinyl Contest

January 11, 2011

All wars must come to an end. For the Deciblog and Sodom, this week is our final week we assault to your sensitive senses in the form of streaming thrash metal madness from our favorite German legacy act. Though Kreator and Destruction get props, too. For week 7, we’re capping off things with a two…

New Sodom Track “The Art of Killing Poetry” Streaming + Vinyl Contest

January 4, 2011

Is is Week 6 already? Time sure does fly. Between Week 1’s double smartbomb drop in “In War and Pieces”, “Hellfire” and Week 5’s god-blessed existential query in “God Bless You“, Sodom shows that despite its members nearing the nifty Fifties they can out-Thrash just about any young buck nu-thrasher in a bootleg Forbidden shirt…

New Sodom Track “God Bless You” Streaming + Vinyl Contest

December 30, 2010

For the last five weeks, we’ve slowly peeled Sodom’s In War and Pieces apart by presenting you, our faithful reader and hopeful subscriber (shameful plug), an advanced audial view of what the German legends have in store for 2011. We used war metaphors (terrible ones, really) and tried our best to come up with sensible…

New Sodom Track “Soul Contraband” Streaming + Vinyl Contest

December 21, 2010

Four weeks ago, dB premiered two tracks, “In War and Pieces” & “Hellfire”, from Sodom’s upcoming full-length In War and Pieces. Streamed by millions (well, not that many, but it was significant), thrashers got to hear legends in what appears to be their prime. Yeah, we said it. Then, “Through Toxic Veins” & “Nothing Counts…

New Sodom Tracks “In War and Pieces” & “Hellfire” Streaming

November 23, 2010

German thrash beasts Sodom released their debut demo, Witching Metal, in 1982. Holy shit! That was 28 years ago. Few of us can remember what we were doing in 1982* — probably watching Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan or wondering, “Who is Ozzy Osbourne? And why does he like bats so much?”, but…