New Sodom Track “Soul Contraband” Streaming + Vinyl Contest

Four weeks ago, dB premiered two tracks, “In War and Pieces” & “Hellfire”, from Sodom’s upcoming full-length In War and Pieces. Streamed by millions (well, not that many, but it was significant), thrashers got to hear legends in what appears to be their prime. Yeah, we said it. Then, “Through Toxic Veins” & “Nothing Counts More Than Blood” bombed our audial shelter. There was no escape from Sodom’s incessant assault. Ever merciless, the Germans raided and then destroyed our supply chain by unfurling “Storm Raging Up” and “Feigned Death Throes” like the cruel bastards they are.
This week, Sodom’s lead commander Tom Angelripper launched a pre-attack leaflet. Was für ein Modemensch!

“This song is peppered with all that, which accounts for a Sodom song. Rock hard and abrasive, it covers all points. Down and dirty blastbeats herald the change to the pre-chorus, followed by threatening guitars, accompanied by single notes as well as the groovy drum beats of the chorus, during which I literally puked my guts up.

One of the biggest, obviously irresolvable problems of our time is the religious fanaticism and its incalculable dangers. The tragedy of 9/11 still gets me in a flaming temper. I don’t want to express myself too much concerning this topic, but I let my mind wander while I wrote this song.”

Then he assailed our shellshocked senses with, “Soul Contraband”. It’s almost Christmas, dude!

“Soul Contraband”

That’s not all we have in store for you Sodomites (sorry, couldn’t resist) the world over. Nope. We added a nice little incendiary cherry on top of the sputtering cans of “mommy I want to go home now”. That’s right. Each week, dB*** and SPV/Steamhammer will be giving away one (1) copy of Sodom’s In War and Pieces on blood red gate-fucking-fold vinyl. Winners have already been announced (see below).

What do you have to do?

1. Listen to Sodom.

2. Email us at this email: [email protected].

That’s it! Two steps and you could be a lucky vinyl-celebrating bastard. Include your first name, last name, address, and email in your message.

WINNER WEEK 1: Stephen M. from Belle, WV.
WINNER WEEK 2: Tim A. from Kettering, OH.
WINNER WEEK 3: Nevin P. from Berwyn, IL.

** Sodom’s new album, In War and Pieces, is out January 11, 2011 on SPV/Steamhammer.

*** Fulfillment of contest prizes not by Decibel Magazine, The Deciblog or Red Flag Media.