New Sodom Tracks “In War and Pieces” & “Hellfire” Streaming

German thrash beasts Sodom released their debut demo, Witching Metal, in 1982. Holy shit! That was 28 years ago. Few of us can remember what we were doing in 1982* — probably watching Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan or wondering, “Who is Ozzy Osbourne? And why does he like bats so much?”, but we weren’t listening to Sodom. Actually, we may have some ancient dudes on staff who were trading cassettes, mailordering vinyl, and reading whatever magazine or ‘zines existed before Metal Forces, but we’re not one to point fingers. Yet.
Needless to say, the Teutonic trio — frontman/bassist Tom Angelripper is the only original member — are still going strong. Thirteen albums, In War and Pieces is the newest weaponized platter, in and there’s no question of Angelripper’s dedication to the ear-shredding noise of thrash metal. And I’m sure he looks at Sodom’s time in music as a what-goes-around-comes-around-type of deal. Thrash has had a quaint resurgence in the last few years. Sodom’s striking while the iron’s semi-hot.

Since Metal Forces is no longer, we figured we’d pick up the metal guru mantle and premiere some new Sodom tracks before they leak on the Interweb. In fact, we’ll be premiering new Sodom ruleage each week before the In War and Pieces hits store shelves and e-tailers (god, that word sucks).

“In War And Pieces”
[audio:|titles=Sodom – In War and Pieces]

[audio:|titles=Sodom – Hellfire]

** Sodom’s new album, In War and Pieces, is out January 11, 2011 on SPV/Steamhammer.

* Fun fact: the compact disc first went to press in 1982 in then-West Germany. In 2010, it’s nearing the end of its lifespan.