New Sodom Track “The Art of Killing Poetry” Streaming + Vinyl Contest

Is is Week 6 already? Time sure does fly. Between Week 1’s double smartbomb drop in “In War and Pieces”, “Hellfire” and Week 5’s god-blessed existential query in “God Bless You“, Sodom shows that despite its members nearing the nifty Fifties they can out-Thrash just about any young buck nu-thrasher in a bootleg Forbidden shirt and a newly acquired (used) Metallica vinyl collection.
This week, we have acquired “The Art of Killing Poetry”, one of three of In War & Pieces three closing tracks. As with previous Sodom premieres on the Deciblog, this track is war-themed and, if we may say so, Sodom, particularly frontman Tom Angelripper, are feeling it. It’s like it’s “Bombenhagel” all over again. Well, that’s probably a bit presumptuous, but “The Art of Killing Poetry” rips in the same way Megadeth’s “Foreclosure Of A Dream” rips. Verstehen Sie uns?

Enjoy the following track explanation from Mr. Angelripper.

“To me, this song is the downright highlight of the album. We haven’t been sounding this mangy and unflinching since Masquerade in Blood. The voluminous guitar sound and the extremely powerful and lucent drum sound support this impression. Also, with regard to this song, Waldemar [Sorychta] pushed me to the limit again and again, eager to hear the old “Sodom belter” again. The definite, straightforward chorus with catchy tunes points up, that less is more sometimes, and the delicate guitar solos put the lid on it. Altogether this song is representative of the whole album.

The lyrics treat the darkest side of human nature. We permanently get confronted with cruelty, crime and death. Many people get inspired by that. These are poets, movie directors and authors. For instance there are so called “hunting poets”, who take pleasure in killing, a living being in a poetic and romantic way. But that’s real life! Death, however it is staged, somehow evokes a horrible fascination on every man. Of course I also observe the daily evil tidings in the media, which give me cause for reflection, sadden me, but also make me furious. There’s just no human existence without evil. For me, being a songwriter, all this is an inexhaustible source of inspiration, and for sure not only for me…”

“The Art of Killing Poetry”

That’s not all we have in store for you Sodomites (sorry, couldn’t resist) the world over. Nope. We added a nice little incendiary cherry on top of the sputtering cans of “mommy I want to go home now”. That’s right. Each week, dB*** and SPV/Steamhammer will be giving away one (1) copy of Sodom’s In War and Pieces on blood red gate-fucking-fold vinyl. Winners have already been announced (see below).

What do you have to do?

1. Listen to Sodom.

2. Email us at this email: [email protected].

That’s it! Two steps and you could be a lucky vinyl-celebrating bastard. Include your first name, last name, address, and email in your message.

WINNER WEEK 1: Stephen M. from Belle, WV.
WINNER WEEK 2: Tim A. from Kettering, OH.
WINNER WEEK 3: Nevin P. from Berwyn, IL.
WINNER WEEK 4: Dustin B. from Monroe, LA.
WINNER WEEK 5: Rudy L. from El Paso, TX.

** Sodom’s new album, In War and Pieces, is out January 11, 2011 on SPV/Steamhammer.

*** Fulfillment of contest prizes not by Decibel Magazine, The Deciblog or Red Flag Media.