Morbus Chron

Track Premiere: Tøronto – “Lights Out At Bedlam”

March 20, 2020

Ex-death metal Swedish heshers Tøronto throw a Scandinavian jawbreaker on “Lights Out At Bedlam” from their new EP, Under Siege.

Robert Andersson (Morbus Chron) interviewed

April 4, 2014

** When we premiered “The Perennial Link” (HERE) off Morbus Chron’s new album, Sweven, we were pretty bummed. Not about the song–the song is basically untouchable–but that we didn’t get the opportunity to stream more, like the entire album. If you’re wondering why there’s so much chatter about Sweven, well, it’s an incredible entry into…

STREAMING: Morbus Chron “The Perennial Link”

February 24, 2014

Last year Tribulation blew minds with The Formulas of Death. This year, fellow Swedes Morbus Chron are all grown up—the average age is 27.5—from 2011’s Sleepers in the Rift effort. By aging a few years, refining their craft, and spreading respective wings, the Stockholmites have created a record so immersive, so penetrating, and so tuned…


September 26, 2011

One way to make sure your festival doesn’t suck, isn’t polluted by buy-on bands and weird compromises that all but beseech the audience to head to the bar for every third act is to have Darkthrone’s Fenriz choose the line-up. Using our favorite hiking metal punk’s Band of the Week blog to draw upon, the…