Full Album Premiere: Reveal! – ‘Doppelherz’


Sweden’s psyched out death metallers Reveal! unveil the insanity that is new album, Doppelherz. Indeed, if cut from the same trans-worldly cloth as defunct madman Morbus Chron, follow-up crazies Sweven, Germany’s own lunatics Chapel of Disease, and Italy’s crackpots Bedsore it’d be a goddamned miracle, but Reveal! are something else entirely. Yes, similar but woven from far different materials, mentality, and modus operandi. The brave will complete the spin through Doppelherz, coming out the other side eyed widened and minds expanded. This is unkind mind grind but not the Mick Harris type of grind. The cowardly will go back to bed wetting.

Formed in the mid-2000s out of the ashes (or filtered from its most potent parts) of Waster, Reveal! has encountered and exposed not one but four full-lengths since popping their weirdo pills and downing their homegrown hooch. Nocturne of Eyes and Teeth (2011) set the stage for the metallic obscure psychosis to come. Flystrips (2016) and Scissorgod (2019) followed like a staggering drunk too smart to fail completely but well aware of the affects copious amounts of alcohol have on mind and body. Reveal! never quite availed themselves to the greater hoi polloi for reasons only they understand, but Doppelherz, with its odious faculty and obtuse dexterity will certainly awaken legions from their self-imposed, mundane consumption habits. Truly, the trio terror of “Cocoon (Bitch Regalia),” “Inshallah,” and “Cokkkfights” is only the very beginning.

So unwonted are Reveal! that mainman Crack (vocals) uttered this mandate from ‘neath the sewers of Uppsala:

“Shit to say about ze album:

1. Listen to Doppelherz at a very high volume to hear the textures; clearly, it’s absolutely worth it.

2. Give Doppelherz a few minutes of your time/attention without talking to yourself, with an open mind, etc.

3. Then, if you don’t like it — we just go our separate ways here, retarded one.

Anyway watch out, or I’ll suck your dick ‘boy'”

Offensive to the norms, betrayers of the mundane, and self-deprecatingly serious Reveal! is here. Lock up your daughters (and sons!) or else!

** Reveal!’s new album, Doppelherz, is out December 10th on Sepulchral Voice Records. Pre-orders for LP (HERE), CD (HERE), and t-shirt (HERE) are available now. Get now before the world eats itself!