Track Premiere: Tøronto – “Lights Out At Bedlam”

Featuring two ex-members of Morbus Chron, Sweden’s Tøronto come ripping and chain-swinging out of the unknown with a filthy and thrashy heavy metal sound that can neither be placed nor denied. Part Discharge, part ‘80s-tallica, part Motörhead, but altogether a wild ride.

We’re psyched for the privilege to bring the world this premier of “Lights Out At Bedlam,” the vicious and catchy closer from Tøronto’s brand new EP, Under Siege, out May 22 on 12” LP from Dying Victims Productions

“Freaks of the world! Here’s another fast track from our upcoming mini-LP,” writes Tøronto. They advise you: “Unbuckle your straitjackets and head for the parking lots!”

“Lights Out At Bedlam”