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Fight Fire With Fire: ‘Of One Blood’ vs. ‘Determination’

February 24, 2022

Bring on the good cops; bring on the bad cops! It’s an early aughts metalcore face-off as we pit Shadows Fall‘s Of One Blood against God Forbid‘s Determination.

This is Metalcore & These Decibel Back Issues Are About to SELL-OUT!

May 15, 2018

These Decibel back issues from 2004 to 2006 are about to sell out. This is your last chance to complete your dB collection!

Decibrity Playlist: “Best of” Meshuggah

March 29, 2012

Sure, Meshuggah releasing its seventh full-length on Tuesday was an event in and of itself. But what has gotten somewhat lost amidst the furor is that, for the quintet, this year marks a quarter century of polyrhythms, polymeters and, of course, polytours. To celebrate both achievements, we enlisted the help of some of the many…