Glenn Danzig

Tommy Victor Breaks Down Prong’s ‘State of Emergency’ and the Stress of Performing Danzig Classics

October 2, 2023

Tommy Victor returns with Prong‘s 13th studio effort, and first in six years, the aptly titled State of Emergency, and shares it was inspired by his return to his native east coast.

Streaming: Tracks from Rosemary’s Babies discography ‘Sounds of Death’

March 13, 2023

Hear selections from former Samhain and Danzig bassist Eerie Von’s first band Rosemary’s Babies, released their 40 years ago. It hasn’t been available in roughly two decades.

All Murder, All Guts: Samhain Live

September 22, 2014

Glenn Danzig’s fame has never waned. But in today’s constantly connected world he’s stayed famous for the wrong reasons: getting very publicly knocked out after a backstage argument in 2004; suing his former bandmates and buying cat litter at the wrong place. It’s easy to forget why people cared in the first place: Danzig wrote…