The Misfits

Streaming: Kyle Ball (Wake) Covers Earth A.D. Black Metal Style

January 18, 2021

Wake vocalist Kyle Ball and friends reimagine A.D: Earth from a blackened punk aesthetic.

Eerie Von’s Book of Rare Punk and Metal Photos has been Reanimated

November 30, 2016

When it comes to members of Danzig and the visual medium, it’s hard to top Henry & Glenn Forever. But there is some pretty stiff competition in the form of Misery Obscura, a compendium of nearly 30 years of photography taken by bass player Eerie Von. 


August 3, 2016

For those who had a hunch that the first short story collection from Wonderland Book Award-winning author/Freak Tension zine proprietor/Weirdpunk Books founder MP Johnson — a deft writer who refracts extremely extreme weird horror fiction through a legit prism of punk-metal-hardcore culture and attack — would be an exquisitely strange, beguiling, and brutal experience…. well, Berzerkoids certainly does not disappoint.

All Murder, All Guts: Samhain Live

September 22, 2014

Glenn Danzig’s fame has never waned. But in today’s constantly connected world he’s stayed famous for the wrong reasons: getting very publicly knocked out after a backstage argument in 2004; suing his former bandmates and buying cat litter at the wrong place. It’s easy to forget why people cared in the first place: Danzig wrote…