Track Premiere: Bather – “Her Black Wings” (Danzig Cover)

Bather underline Danzig’s infernal influence with their cover of “Her Black Wings,” a far cry from their usual sound. The Central Ohioans usually together many form of extreme metal: death, black, sludge and even hardcore, which Danzig is not. However, despite that gulf, they kept it pretty faithful for the Danzig II: Lucifuge classic.

Sure, it’s a little lower and slower than the original, but the spirit is there. The cover really highlights a new side of vocalist Josh Richter, who can croon as well as he can scream. His voice doesn’t have quite the pronounced personality of Danzig’s Elvis-esque emoting, but the dour delivery adds another flavor. The band’s decision to not shoehorn in a breakdown to fit their style extends immersio and shows respect to the work.

The cover came after they finished recording Phantom Guilt, their forthcoming November release, yet were stuck at home thanks to the pandemic. They decided on this song “due to its heavy guitar work and lyrical power,” which are two claims we could never dispute.

Bather’s Phantom Guilt drops next month. For now, check out their eponymous EP on Bandcamp.