Track Premiere: Dirty Grave – ‘Evil (Is Going On)’

October 5, 2017 Vince Bellino

Stream Dirty Grave‘s cover of “Evil (Is Going On)” by blues legend Willie Dixon now.

Video Premiere: Captain Crimson – ‘Love Street’

November 4, 2016 Vince Bellino

Captain Crimson keep it simple with some stripped down blues rock in their new music video. 

Blues Into Metal #3: Joe Wood

July 3, 2013 Justin Norton

Guitarist and vocalist Joe Wood is best known for his time in T.S.O.L., including the classic Change Today? album – a hybrid of punk and blues that I consider one of the best Southern California punk albums in the early-to-mid 80s. The album’s highlight is “Flowers By The Door,” a near-perfect song that is still…

Blues Into Metal #2: Up Jumped The Devil

March 6, 2013 Justin Norton

Quick test: go check your music shelf or your iTunes. How many metal albums have some kind of mention of the Devil? A third? How did that symbolism get there in the first place? Why is it so powerful, and so enduring? In the second installment of blues into metal, we’re honored to have bluesman…

Blues Into Metal #1: Jason Ricci

February 6, 2013 Justin Norton

Welcome to Blues Into Metal, an occasional Decibel interview and blog series on the history and ties between America’s homegrown music and the extreme fare our readers cherish. In it, we’ll seek out musicians from both genres to discuss the links and shared history between the blues and metal – and the misconceptions about both….

Women In Metal Bonus: Uta Plotkin’s Playlist

June 27, 2012 Justin Norton

Decibel published its first ever “Women In Metal,” issue this month, which offers an exhaustive look at the enormous contributions women have made to metal music (and the metal industry). If for some inexplicable reason you don’t subscribe then you can snag a copy from our store . If you are wise, you might have…