Track Premiere- Thangorodrim – “Through the Devil’s Door”

According to the devilish devotees in Thangorodrim:

“Chaos is the blood stream of the universe, darkness spreads in a single breath of mother serpent ushered in through the devils door.”

This central message and theme definitely resonates with the sound of the band’s new song, “Through the Devil’s Door,” from their upcoming album, Liberation in Unbound Chaos 666.

Tolkien fanatics will recognize the band’s name as inspired by the group of volcanoes that sat within the Iron Mountains and atop Morgoth’s fortress of Angband during the First Age. With that in mind, the suspended eye in the video below bears a striking resemblance to the eye of Sauron, doesn’t it?

Anyway, fans of classic occult rock like Coven, along with newer bands like The Oath, Lucifer and Royal Thunder will enjoy the spooky and entrancing atmosphere created by Thagorodrim.

Liberation In Unbound Chaos 666 comes out via Blood Blast Distribution (the digital imprint of Nuclear Blast) on November 5.