Album Stream: Uttertomb – ‘Nebulas of Self-Desecration’

April 17, 2024

For doom/death metal putrefaction fans, Nebulas of Self-Desecration is a must-listen. Lucky for you, we have Uttertomb‘s new LP here.

Video Premiere: DeathWytch – “Todeshexe”

April 11, 2024

Get ready to get weird with the “Black Metal-Lounge meets Halloween Jazz” DeathWytch

Album Stream: Throwing Bricks & Ontaard – ‘Oud Zeer’

April 10, 2024

Why wait for Friday? Dive headfirst into the maelstrom of Throwing Bricks & Ontaard‘s explosive collaboration right here, right now.

Video Premiere: Chunked – Inhaling the Infestation

April 4, 2024

Purveyors of raw violence and classic death metal themes, Chunked unveil their debut album, Inhaling the Infestation, on May 3 via Gore House Productions. Check out the lyric video for the title track now.

EP Stream: Under the Spell of Deliria’s Craft

April 4, 2024

Check out, Spellcraft, the new EP by Bay Area post-black metallists Deliria!

Track Premiere: Wretched Blessing – ‘Spurious Ovation’

March 27, 2024

Hear Kayhan Vaziri (Yautja) and Rae Amitay (of Immortal Bird) roll out a new earth shaker as Wretched Blessing.

Album Premiere: Mudshow – Destiny

March 21, 2024

Horror Pain Gore Death Productions present Destiny, the wrestling themed debut album from Memphis, Tennessee’s ultraviolent sludge metal sadists Mudshow.

Pre-Order TERMINAL NATION’s New ‘Echoes of the Devil’s Den’ LP on Decibel-Exclusive Vinyl NOW!

March 15, 2024

There are only 100 copies of Terminal Nation‘s new LP, Echoes of the Devil’s Den, on exclusive blue-and-purple-merged vinyl. Get one EXCLUSIVELY via Decibel!

Track Premiere: Omega Glory – “Cut Adrift”

March 14, 2024

Grindy metal punks Omega Glory are back with a new single, “Cut Adrift,” from their upcoming full-length Offerings, which you can stream now.

Album Stream: Hear VLTIMAS Ascend to ‘EPIC’ Heights

March 14, 2024

VLTIMAS‘ new LP EPIC comes out this Friday, March 15. But you can listen to the whole album today.

Album Premiere: Weston Super Maim – ‘See You Tomorrow, Baby’

March 13, 2024

Hear the debut LP from international noisemongers Weston Super Maim in advance of its Friday release!

All Stream: O ZORN! Sheds Light on L.A.’s Shadows with “Vermillion Haze”

March 13, 2024

Post-metal powerhouse O ZORN! will release its profoundly introspective album Vermillion Haze on Friday via Hard Drugs/Seeing Red. Hear it now.

Video Premiere: Toby Knapp – “Abramelin Carousel”

March 7, 2024

Hear some serious riffage in the form of “Abramelin Carousel” from guitar virtuoso Toby Knapp.

Video Premiere: Sinistro – “Pontas Soltas”

March 6, 2024

Get an early taste of Portuguese doom mongers Sinistro with the debut track from Vértice—their Alma Mater Records debut—due in September.

Album Premiere: Arthouse Fatso – “Sycophantic Seizures: A Double Feature”

February 29, 2024

Arthouse Fatso have just been birthed painfully onto their scene with their debut album out March 22 via Horror Pain Gore Death, and we have the whole bloody stream for you.

Track Premiere: The Gathering – “Stonegarden” (Remix)

February 28, 2024

Burning World Records celebrates the 30th Anniversary Edition of The Gathering‘s critical debut album, Always…. Streaming “Stonegarden” now only at Decibel!

Album Premiere: Cuntroaches – ‘Cuntroaches’

February 22, 2024

Hear the latest ear-infestation of noise and post-black metal from Berlin trio Cuntroaches.

KILL SCREEN 031: Digestor is No Fake Gamer GHOUL

February 21, 2024

The Creepsylvanian native and splatterthrash guitarist/vocalist gives us a peek under the hood to see what gaming is like in the world’s most remote region.

Full Album Stream: Iron Curtain – ‘Savage Dawn’

February 20, 2024

Spanish speed metal bandoleros Iron Curtain are getting loose-n-lethal on new full length Savage Dawn.

Video Premiere: Hibernaut – “Lantern Eyed”

February 19, 2024

Salt Lake City crushers Hibernaut reveal an appropriately epic video from last year’s Ingress LP.