Daniel Lake

Stream New Album By Sisters Of…

May 1, 2015

Dark, heavy and full of heart, Missouri’s Sisters Of… set their sights on the May 12 release of their first full-length record, The Serpent, The Angel, The Adversary.  Their blend of bestial rage and contemplative yearning might just tear you open and fill you up.  Come inside and find out.

Stream Noisem’s New Album!

April 28, 2015

New Noisem.  Now.  What more do you need to know?  NEW NOISEM NOW!

Lucifer’s Fall Rise from Down Under (Stream New Album)

April 24, 2015

Australian doom duo Lucifer’s Fall remind us to hitch our collective misery and universal disappointment to a good beat and some killer licks with their (triply) self-titled debut, out soon on Hammerheart Records.

Throw Me a Frickin’ Label Hack: Polish Dream-Black Mornië Utúlië

April 17, 2015

Poland’s one-man, one-woman (and thus, probably Church approved) blackened frost-treaders Mornië Utúlië offer one of those perfect blends of intent, image and music.  Calling a black metal record Sny (Polish for “dreams” and, coincidentally – thanks Google Translate – Afrikaans for “cuts”) and draping the cover in a field of stars certainly sets up expectations that this might be a toothless, undistorted bliss-out, but Mornië Utúlië’s adventures into the void turn out to be way more Darkspace roar than Alcest sigh.  Like the subtle merging of Nosferatu and nebula on the cover, Mornië Utúlië throttle up the terror in in their yawning darkness and never settle for mere atmospheric meandering.

We asked Bartosz Brożek, the man behind the music, about his journey and his newest creation, so you can read all about it after the jump while you stab through the cosmos with Sny and a video for the late-album cut “W Nocy Płynie Chłodny Wiatr” featuring gal-vocalist Ewa Kleszcz.  If you dig, be sure to head over to the Mornië Utúlië’s Facebook site or Bandcamp page, where the album lives.

Live long, prosper, eat the weak and fear your dreams! 

Greatest Extreme Vocalists: Addendum

April 10, 2015

If you’ve picked up the most recent issue of Decibel, we hope you’ve flipped through the “Greatest Extreme Vocalists of All Time” cover article.  The list of incredible voices was proposed, discussed, voted on, scrapped, argued about, re-voted on, lost, re-re-voted on, torched, shat upon, and finally selected and sent to print by some intern…

Stream New Beautality Album

April 3, 2015

David ‘Ravengarde’ Sylvester and Nordavind Records have teamed up to release a fresh approach to epic heavy music with a new Beautality album entitled Einfallen: A Tale ov Torment & Triumph.  The UK-based band thrusts all manner of screeching, fist-pounding, air-drumming metal styles into their propulsive, cinematically broad storytelling.  The album boasts six mighty tracks,…

Goetia Stream “Heliotrope” for Deathbound Release, Le Vide

March 20, 2015

Ottawa quartet Goetia have been heaving sludgy post-metal into the great northern atmosphere for some time now, and recently they joined forces with Deathbound Records – home of melancholic crushers Woccon and historical battlefield-stompers Catuvolcus – for an official release of their album Le Vide.  Lovers of grandiose epicness should take note, now that some…

PA Hosts Shadow Woods Metal Fest, September 2015

March 13, 2015

Camping in the wooded wilderness; submitting to nature’s glories, mercies and otherwise; indulging in extreme metal.  We know what you’re thinking:  Time for another plane ticket to the Pacific Northwest.  Or to Norway. But no!  The Shadow Woods Metal Fest, planned for September 25-27 in beautiful (and probably seasonally chilly) Fannettsburg, Pennsylvania, will be held…

Video Premiere: Krysantemia’s “Finis Dierum”

March 6, 2015

Today we bring you an exclusive video premiere by Italian death/thrashers Krysantemia, celebrating the advent of their third album, Finis Dierum, on Memorial Records.  The band’s blustery/blistering confluence of influences has seen them perform alongside Obituary, Rotting Christ and Kataklysm, and is right now crisscrossing Europe in support of warmongers Marduk.  The new album was recorded…

Throw Me a Frickin’ Label Hack: Estonia’s Odota

February 27, 2015

If you like your metal weird, ugly and awesome, please give it up for Odota, an Estonian one-man project that takes black metal and infests it with all sorts of uncomfortable sounds that will make the purists cry, “False!”  The new album Fever Marshal props up raw, blasting riffage against industrial and electronic detritus, offering a bracing…

Pyramids Premiere New Song, Interview

February 20, 2015

If you haven’t heard a good oddball metal record recently… well, then your head’s been under a soundproofed rock and you haven’t been reading enough Decibel reviews.  Get out there and listen, man! And be sure to check out the new Pyramids record when Profound Lore releases it in the middle of next month.  It’s dark,…

Izah Stream New Album: Sistere

February 13, 2015

Later this month, Dutch sextet Izah will release their first full-length document of sludgy aggression through the always dependable Nordvis Produktion.  It represents a major step in a very long road for the band, and its four gargantuan tracks make that point crystal clear.  But these aren’t the sprawling teases that some bands employ in…

New Black Metal Book Series by “Cult” Author Dayal Patterson!

February 9, 2015

A year ago, metal enthusiast and writer Dayal Patterson presented the world with his authoritative document Black Metal: Evolution of the Cult, claiming the dark hearts of literate misanthropes everywhere.  To anyone who read the book and thought it could have been more developed… well, the author thought so, too.  This year, we will have…

Italian DSBM Loner Vardan Interviewed (Sorta)

February 6, 2015

Every depressive suicidal black metal dude we went to high school with is dead.  Well, not really, though we probably could’ve seen it coming if it were true.  What I mean is, Xasthur groaner Scott Conner got a new gig playing dark bluegrass.  And where the fuck are Striborg and Nortt?  I feel sad sometimes,…

Hic Iacet Dig Up What Lies Buried

January 30, 2015

“Mysterious,” indeed.  When we heard the sonic sickness belched from Spanish sepsis-spewers Hic Iacet, we dimmed the lights and began casting about for something filthy to rub all over ourselves.  And we sought out an interview with the progenitors of these gruesome chords and vokills.  We were rebuffed, our request to gain access to the…

Devin Townsend Interview: Part 3

January 23, 2015

Over the past two weeks, we gave Mr. Townsend some blog space to explain his straining relationship with new metal and the direction he envisions for himself.  Today, we have the opportunity to find out which professional avenues the pop-progger absolutely refuses to follow.  Townsend also laments the problems of a repetitive lifestyle and the copy-of-a-copy types…

Devin Townsend Interview: Part 2

January 16, 2015

When the Devin Townsend Project played their string of dates with Animals As Leaders a month ago, it was clear the show was not the Hevy Devy indulge-fest that the band’s past headlining shows have been.  Conspicuously absent was the pre-show Ziltoid Radio craziness that have accompanied Townsend’s stage show for a few years.  Townsend worked hard…

A389 Eleventh Anniversary Bash This Week!

January 14, 2015

You know how we at Decibel go all batshit for just about everything Baltimore label A389 releases?  The name Noisem mean anything to you?  Full of Hell?  Ilsa?  Yeah. Last year, we got our lazy asses out for the label’s 10th anniversary bash, including three days and multiple venues of high-quality mash-ups of death metal, doom,…

Devin Townsend Interview: Part 1

January 9, 2015

Last month, Devin Townsend and his madcap Project went out on tour with Animals As Leaders and Monuments.  Decibel made sure to catch the show when it came to Baltimore, and we were not disappointed.  Long-lived set favorites like “Bad Devil” and “Regulator” stormed over the crowd, while much of the rest of the evening…

Hate Premiere New Video for “Valley of Darkness”

January 8, 2015

Polish black-death stalwarts Hate are set to drop their latest album, Crusade: Zero, on a very suspecting public on February 10th, and today they show off their video for the song “Valley of Darkness” here at the Deciblog.  Religious iconography will burn.  Fire (and salvation) will be breathed.  Corpses will be painted.  Beats will blast.  Lenses…

TMaFLH Update: Foul Spirits

January 2, 2015

A little more than a year ago, we got in touch with a Kent, Ohio quartet called Foul Spirits who delivered some slimy sludge-death with an EP called Live in Fear.  Now the boys have finished recording their full-length album, called Volatile Versatile, and if you’re interested in the kind of redlined destruction offered by bands like Gaza…

Throw Me a Frickin’ Label Hack: Malformed

December 26, 2014

Now that we’ve just squeaked past the Judeo-Christian holiday season, it’s time to resume our regularly scheduled blasphemies and blood feasting.  In the interest of not fucking around in any way whatsoever, today we bring your attention to Rochester, NY horror activists Malformed.  Their skull-stabbing death metal should sour all eggnog and extinguish all but…

Iris Divine Stream New Song

December 19, 2014

Virginia prog-rock djentlemen Iris Divine are in the progress of releasing their second full-length record, called Karma Sown.  We say “progress” because, while the album was released digitally earlier this month at Bandcamp, the music caught some label attention and is being considered for official release.  We don’t have details for you right now (we…

Ex-DEP Jeff Tuttle: Onward and Upward

December 12, 2014

Some of us recognize Jeff Tuttle as a recent guitarist with the Dillinger Escape Plan, where he tore ears and brain matter from 2007 until 2012.  Jeff has also been active as a filmmaker (see his new-ish video for a new Child Bite song here) as he continues his musical pursuits in Old Gods and…

Stream “Bound In Stone” By Dimesland

December 5, 2014

Two years ago, we tried to wrap our punk-savvy tech-death brains around Dimesland’s debut EP, Creepmoon.  The task proved too difficult to complete, but we sure enjoyed trying.  Complex frustration/anger/love is one of the perks of freaking out on heavy music. Next week, the Dimesland crazies will release their full-length, Psychogenic Atrophy, which features this gem we’re…

Downfall of Gaia Tour Announced!

December 5, 2014

German/Yank quartet Downfall of Gaia have returned with their latest attack on the status quo with Aeon Unveils the Thrones of Decay, the band’s third complete full-length.  This is a late-in-the-year offering you’ll want to pay some attention, as it gathers all shades of darkness, then both pets and pummels you with it.  It’s occasionally sludgy,…

New Swedish Black Metal From Bhleg

December 1, 2014

I would give all the skin from my left armpit to hear a DJ at the local 80s/90s soft rock station –which right now is exactly one week deep in their Christmas All The Time holiday barfaganza – say, “Weather and traffic coming up, but first, here’s new music you’ll love from Bhleg!”  I don’t…

Stream Barrowlands Album: Thane

November 21, 2014

Metal lover, you’ve been damn lucky this year.  Your listening habits have been well served by the aural atrocities perpetrated globally throughout 2014.  And it all just got sicker. Portland, OR metal collective Barrowlands is a harrowing hybrid of black metal terror, progressive twists and turns, and doomy contemplation with bold, emotive cello.  Their first…

Stream New 25-Minute OWL Song: “The Last Walk”

November 14, 2014

With all the music that comes across the Decibel desk in a month (hell, in a single week), I find it can help to stick labels on music that I want to be sure to spend time with.  Earlier this year, when Owl’s Into the Absolute EP came down, I tagged it with the descriptor “weird death metal”…

TMaFLH Update: The Cold View

November 7, 2014

Last year we featured a German drone/doom project called The Cold View, who had, at that point, recorded a five-song suite called Weeping Winter that could successfully leech all heat-potential from a newborn star and leave behind only frozen dust and brittle ash. Luckily for anyone still able to feel positive emotion after listening to Weeping Winter,…