A Light Within Stream New Song

Photography ©2015 Todd Zimmer

I’ve aired my bias before on this here Deciblog against anything that can be described as shoegazing post-metal.  Of course, my mutterings of discontent are always attached to a stream by some band that breaks away from the boring mope-n-chug that are usually associated with such music.

So it is with A Light Within.  As they near a release date for their new EP, Body Matter, we give you track number four from that recording, called “World Through the Window.”  Luckily, somebody shoved the word “Junius” into the description of the band, and it turns out to be an apt comparison.  Kyle Brandt’s vocals – actual singing – are spot-on awesome, and the band brings an aesthetically tuned forcefulness to the song that is consistently enticing.

Static Tension Recordings will release the EP on July 7th.

Says A Light Within about the song:

“Death:  A final state that everyone will eventually experience.  It appears unwanted and takes something you love.  It refuses to be avoided.  At arrival; your body will numb. The mind will warp. Souls flush.  Memories stake claim, and attempt to refill vacancy. 

You appear at a crossroads. 
Through the window to the left: a maze of regret.  
Through the window to the right: a light of satisfaction.

On page 29, the author feels guilt in the loss of love.  A mirror.  A common artifact.  A reflection so easily correlated.”

Look out for a July 7th release date of A Light Within’s Body Matter EP.  Can’t wait?  Get more info at the band’s Facebook site and hear more music at their Bandcamp page, and hit up their label, Static Tensions.