Italian DSBM Loner Vardan Interviewed (Sorta)

Every depressive suicidal black metal dude we went to high school with is dead.  Well, not really, though we probably could’ve seen it coming if it were true.  What I mean is, Xasthur groaner Scott Conner got a new gig playing dark bluegrass.  And where the fuck are Striborg and Nortt?  I feel sad sometimes, dammit, and I want to curl up naked in a dusty, piss-stained corner of a bathroom with a puke-smeared bottle of tainted liquor and hear music that speaks to my inner darkness!
Welcome Vardan.  He’s a one-man DSBM machine who’s been cranking out cranky hymns for years, and recently Moribund Records has been slipping us hits of this stuff like we’re addicted.  (It’s not addiction, I can stop whenever I want.)  It’s only February, and already the guy’s releasing his second album of the year, called The Night, The Loneliness.  He dropped a few albums last year, and another few the year before that.

This morning (no, it’s night, it’s always night…) you can check out a full stream of The Night, The Loneliness and read a few lines of opaque thoughts from the man himself.

Do you have local support, other like-minded musicians working in your area, or do you really feel like you’re alone with the music you make?

I’m alone, in some next works I will have the help of Reverend John Hex.

Is there a particular recording set-up that you always use, or do you change things for different sessions?

Drums, bass and synth are the same, I change only the guitar sound from album to album using 4 different amps.

Do you put yourself into a particular mood to create the vocals, or does that come naturally when creating this music?

Screams come naturally when I feel my inner sensations… nothing can be planned.

Do you think there’s an outward aggressive quality to your music, or is it entirely an inward, depressive experience?

The music comes from myself, sad attitude maybe helps the final result

Promotional materials suggest this is your 23rd album, but it appears that not all of these have gotten an official release.  Can you talk about when your various albums have been recorded and in what format they exist?

Yes, over 23 works recorded (around 35 in total), hard to see all released but Moribund help me to see more stuff as official. The recordings are from 1997 to 2015.

What kinds of things (musical or non-musical) are exciting you right now?

I like play and listen BM, for now this is what I need.

What do you see on the Vardan horizon for the coming year?

I hope to get again the help of Moribund to see other stuff out. For Vardan I’m recording new stuff divided in six parts, I think I will have six new albums during the next time…