Stream New Beautality Album

David ‘Ravengarde’ Sylvester and Nordavind Records have teamed up to release a fresh approach to epic heavy music with a new Beautality album entitled Einfallen: A Tale ov Torment & Triumph.  The UK-based band thrusts all manner of screeching, fist-pounding, air-drumming metal styles into their propulsive, cinematically broad storytelling.  The album boasts six mighty tracks, each (almost) longer than the last, starting at the oh-so pop-sensible expanse of 13 minutes and topping out close to 20 minutes.  Clearly the album defies anyone in a rush for their fix; taking this trip will require time, focus, time, dedication and, if you have it, time.  If you head on over to the Nordavind Bandcamp page to purchase a physical copy, you will not be surprised to find that Einfallen is a two-CD affair.

But don’t skimp.  Give this thing the time it deserves.  Hell, we’re giving you a whole weekend with it.  What were you going to do, go to church?  Let Beautality be your savior instead. Listen to the new album in full, and don’t miss David’s musings on his musical journey underneath the stream. 

Who makes up Beautality?  What background (musical or non-musical) do you bring to this project?

Beautality is currently just me, I’m the composer, vocalist and play everything (guitars, keys, bass and drums). Beautality is my musical and stylsitic vision personified- the result of initially picking up a broken guitar my mother bought me from Oxfam when I was 13. Nineteen years on, Beautality celebrates 6 years of triumphant sorrow. I’m self a self-taught musician. I’ve just always had a knack for creating things or hearing things and just ‘knowing’ how to play them. I taught the original bassist and drummer how to play their instruments. I guess an interesting bit of trivia is that my relative wrote the classic World War 2 anthem “We’ll Meet Again” for Vera Lynn- I’ve never met them but I’m proud of that.

What were Beautality’s goals when it first started?  Have they changed over time?  Does the new album have a different thrust than your earlier work?

Beautality originally started as a hobby and my return to creating music. I’d quit making music twice from being disaffected in a number of bands going nowhere with lazy musicians who let me down whilst I compromised my vision. I knew that this would only last so long. I cannot escape music; melodies, rhythms, lyrics and structures enter my mind constantly both awake and in sleep.

The project initially started so I could practise drums with someone on guitar. Before I knew it; my mind, heart and soul were once again in their elements and the ideas began to flow. Once Beautality became an active band after a few months I finally took this time to create music my way- my songs with me in control.

My goal has always been to create music deep with emotion and full of different, contrasting dynamics; unafraid of pushing boundaries to whatever limits are necessary. Whatever serves the song to be all it can be- that and being damn catchy.

The scope of songs has grown innumerably since inception as well as the level of musicianship. I like to push myself creatively but above all I listen to my instinct; whatever my gut feeling tells me to do it must be done.

Beautality is ever changing and ever evolving, all in the name of my vision in creating the best possible songs I can.  I make music for myself and I always will. Anyone that ‘gets it’ is a wonderful bonus.

How much time does it take to write a song for Beautality?  How long do you take to record it?

That’s a good question. Things can vary. Ultimately it depends on what my mood is. Sometimes a song can finish very quickly indeed, other times not. When the band had more members I did like to do a lot of improvisation that the others would have to follow, more often than not magic would happen. The main issue I’ve always had is creating so much material. I could very easily never write a single song/create a riff again and have enough material for at least the next ten albums. It can be really difficult choosing which songs should go where.

Perhaps the easiest (quickest if you will) aspect I find is creating lyrics that I’m happy with. Eloquence has always been a strong point so once I find a theme/story based on the emotion of the song the lyrics generally come with ease. In some ways the structure behind Beautality matches the musical diversity. I can be absolutely meticulous with some facets of the songs intricacies but enter the studio with only vague ideas for leads and vocal harmonies knowing full well the right inspiration will always come to me at the the right time. I’m completely in my element in the studio. I know I can do no wrong. That euphoric feeling of creativity is like nothing else. For a number of time restrictions Einfallen had to be recorded in 5 days and I absolutely revelled in the challenge. Averaging 20 hour days was visceral and draining to say the least but to me it’s not hard work when you love it.

A number of new ideas and songs are already taking shape for the next opus- I cannot wait to hit the studio again.

What is some of your favourite music that drives you to create?

First and foremost Black Metal is my favourite genre of music. It is so rich in depth, creativity and emotion I could easily be lost in its many faces forever but I will never deny my strikingly varied musical tastes.  In no uncertain terms I don’t care what the genre is; only that the melody is catchy, resonates with me and that the rhythm strikes my interest. I don’t believe in boundaries. As much as I adore Black Metal I couldn’t play only that. I believe in dynamics and the psychology behind it. only playing soft music would bore me tears and keeping consistently heavy would leave me numb. Life is a journey with many incredible ups and downs. I want the music I create to reflect this. Fragile ethereal beauty is as appealing to me as an intensely primal blast beat- and the same goes for a catchy rockin’ riff. Whatever feels and sounds right- that’s the bottom line.

Off the top of my head some of the most influential bands to me would probably be the following; The Shadows, Nirvana, Radiohead, Nine Inch Nails, Dimmu Borgir, Enslaved, Emperor, Dark Funeral, Cult Of Luna, Arcturus and Celtic Frost to name a few. All those bands (and many many more) have elements that resonate deeply within my core and have inspired and helped shape the musician I am today.

What is your favorite part of making Beautality happen?  Is any part of it particularly difficult?

My favourite aspect of Beautality is hearing the final versions of songs in all of their layered glory. I can hear the songs fully within my mind’s eye for so long and it tortures me to not unleash it. That release is like nothing else. I love playing live but this has sadly been a rarity due to unstable lineups. I am however soon to begin auditions for live members. I love to create and perform. The only thing I find difficult is not being able to make music all of the time- that and a limited budget. If it were up to me I would release at least a new album every year. I try not to think of all of the music that’s never had the chance to truly grow and become all it can be.