Throw Me a Frickin’ Label Hack: Estonia’s Odota

If you like your metal weird, ugly and awesome, please give it up for Odota, an Estonian one-man project that takes black metal and infests it with all sorts of uncomfortable sounds that will make the purists cry, “False!”  The new album Fever Marshal props up raw, blasting riffage against industrial and electronic detritus, offering a bracing listen.  We definitely wanted to know more, so we asked head dude Jarmo Nuutre a bunch of questions, and he responded with a bunch of thoughtful answers.  Give Odota a bit of your time today – at the project’s Bandcamp or Facebook sites – and listen to Fever Marshal right here while you peruse Nuutre’s musings.
Let darkness reign another day!  Then take a weekend.

Who makes up Odota? What kind of background experience do you have?

I don’t have any academic background, but I’ve been making music since the age of 14. Started as a singer (well, “growler” would be more proper term since actual singing is not something I can do, yet) in a prog-metal band and at the same time worked on my solo project Plastic Whore (8bit-industrialmetal, album “Wet Planet” is available via streaming services and in Talk Left-Handed’s Bandcamp site).  Between all this I also played drums for few indie and pop-rock bands.  Then came the duo-of-doom Talbot, where I handled the drums and growling vocals and also managed the band – worked out all the tours etc.

How did you begin working on Fever Marshal?

Well, I just started. Picked up the guitar, worked on the riffs, produced everything else around it etc. The usual. For quite some years I’ve felt the need of doing black metal with psychedelic and electronic accents. The need of making the blackish metal that I would enjoy listening to.

What did you enjoy most about the process of making this music? Was anything particularly challenging or frustrating about the process?

If making music would be frustrating then I’d probably try to get away from it.  So, the whole process has been enjoyable. Even the parts when you haven’t had the chance to work on the tunes for some weeks, or maybe even months, because the day job needs attention as well and once you have the time again, then, in my case, it usually takes about a week to get back on the track with making music. Those warm-up times are probably the most hardest parts, but once you’re warm, then it’s all-systems-go.  I just love it when “the plan comes together” finally – the riff starts to sound as you like it would, the beat is creating just the right vibe, finding just the right amount of electronic touches etc etc. It’s all a constant learning curve and I enjoy every moment of it.

Are there particular feelings or philosophies that drive these songs, or do they rise simply from a desire to make music?

Just a desire to make music. Since I like a lot of different genres, then I also work with a lot of different projects, but I actually have no philosophical or any other messages to send. Maybe it’s not a good thing for some, but so far it works just fine for me.

What is an Odota show like?

Odota’s show is a one-man-metal-show. The live will be even more experimental than the recorded album, cause I’m going to play around some more with the “dronings” and electronics etc. So far I’ve just been rehearsing the live-shows for myself, as the actual first “rituals” will be held this spring.  Right now working on a tour as well.

Your logo is pretty awesome. Who drew that?

Hehe, thanks. I did. For me, drawing the logo is part of the desire of doing a black metal band. I drew a lot of logos back when I was in high school, but then kinda forgot all about it til the rise of Odota. Of course one could draw the logos for imaginary bands all the time, but somehow I like it more when there’s an actual band/project behind it. This way the logo can be properly presented too.

What kinds of things are exciting you right now?

I’m a total nut after traditional hot rods, kustoms and classic cars in general. A petrolhead if I might say so.  For a while I haven’t had the chance to actually cut and weld a car, but from time to time trying to work on some minor things at least. Right now waiting for the Kustom Kulture Show on February 14-15th in Helsinki, Finland. For the last few years now this event has been the season-opener for me and my girlfriend. Then few other car shows in spring and of course there’s a lot of cruises and gatherings in summer.  And music-wise I’m also excited about my other projects – Blood Pavilion (industrial/down-tempo/electronica), Skull Trading (techno) and Hjem (electronica with a poppish side to it). Currently working on Hjem’s upcoming EP. Recorded some more vocals last week and hopefully the EP will be released in late February (or early March at least).  Would also like to make few new songs for Odota before upcoming shows, so quite a good amount of excitement lays in that part too.